Fitness Week In Review: 6/29 – 7/5

A while ago I had written about how I was in a bit of a running funk. I was running, but not very regularly. I am in week 11 of a 25 week training plan for the Chicago Marathon so I assumed fatigue could set in. However I knew that once my long training runs got close to the double digit figure that I couldn’t let those pass me by.

Truth be told in the 2 years I have been running the only times I have reached double digit running miles have been in official races (4 half marathons and 2 broad street run 10 milers). As far as training goes I have never run more than 9 miles. So when the training plan got to 10+ miles for my Sunday long runs I knew I couldn’t miss those. Mentally this would be the time that I took training to the next level.

This past Sunday was exactly that, my first double digit training miles. And happily the week that lead up to those training miles was a good one. My weekly fitness recap:

Monday: 3.1 Mile Run

Tuesday: 6.2 Mile Run

Wednesday: 45 Minute Spin Class + 1 Mile Run

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: 30 Minutes of Tennis

Saturday: 40 Minute Strength Training + 1 Mile Run

Sunday: 11 Mile Run + 1 Hour of Softball

All in all I think it was a great week to get me into the second half of my marathon training plan. In total I ran 22+ miles for the week, which I will consider really good considering the most I have done in a month is around 55. At this pace I would reach 80 miles for the month. On top of all that I got my 3rd 50 mile month of the year. I had to run 1.2 miles at 11:00 at night on the final day of June, but I got it in!


50 Miles for June!

Outside of my normal running I stopped by a local gym for their spin class. The gym gives out a free 10 day pass so I took advantage of this. The spin class was interesting to say the least. The room looks like it was a utility closet at one point. It felt like they opened the gym and had an extra room so they just put a few bikes in there. There are about 10 spin bikes in the room and there’s no way they could fit anymore than that. The gym itself was awesome. They have a rock climbing wall, indoor tennis and basketball courts, treadmills with TV’s and more weights than one gym should have. I may look into joining the gym but with as much as they have it probably wont be cheap.


Checking out a new gym

I ended the week with an 11 mile run and softball. It wasn’t my best run by any means, however I was really happy considering it was my first double digit training run ever. Plus for whatever reason I tend to have really shitty training runs but end up having good race day runs (set 3 PR’s in 2015 so far). Softball was fun as usual, however I am continuing to aggravate my groin. Last week in softball I pulled my groin pretty severely. It got better this week, however on Sunday I pulled it again a little. I knew I would because groin pulls are something you can only heal with rest. And with a weekly softball schedule and a lot of running, I know it wont get to fully heal until both those activities slow down…..sometime in November.

All in all a great week. A lot of activity, experiencing new things and taking the next step in marathon training. And on top of all of this I turn 30 in just 6 days! So far so good, now time to build from this.


Had to get in a mile after strength training for my 3rd Nike+ July 4th badge


My half way point on the out and back


Mid way through 11 mile run


Runs becoming so long I am crossing over county lines


Softball Sunday (Thank you Zensah for the post long run recovery while playing)

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