Who Is Average Joe Anyway?

1My name is Chadd from Philly. Yes that is Chadd with two D’s. I’m just your average, everyday American male. From a running standpoint there is really nothing special about me. I didn’t compete in track in High School or have a passion for running. It was just something I started doing at 28 years old.

This is a blog dedicated to those of us who don’t come from some sort of running pedigree. More for people like me who just want to make positive changes in our lives, whether that is through running or other areas of life.

My running journey started in June of 2013 when I decided to lace up a pair of running shoes (if you could call them that, see below) and complete some pretty difficult races. With no professional training, or a background in running I just made the decision. Like I said I am an average, run of the mill type of guy. And that is what this is all about, how making a decision and sticking with it can change your life.


My original pair of “running” shoes. For as bad as these things were, they lasted me almost 8 months before I decided to get real shoes

My running originally began as just something just to do. After my first 5K I talked myself into the foolish idea that I could complete a Half Marathon. I went from running 1 mile on June 3rd 2013 to running 13.1 miles on September 15th 2013. There was no magic pill I took or hidden secret to my success. All I did was decide I wanted to complete a goal, picked a plan and I went after it. And with the help of an 8 week training plan I went from a 5K to a Half Marathon in 2 short months.

As my running journey continues I will tell more stories of how running has completely changed my life both physically and mentally. I will chronicle everything from Triathlons, Duathlons, more Half’s, endless 5K’s, Themed Runs, 15K’s and maybe even a full marathon! Not only that but I will also talk about how running has changed me as a person and the way I see the world. If I think I can accomplish it, I will try and run it.

This is my journey. I am writing this for one reason only; to show others who may be trying to transform themselves that it can be done, no matter how difficult you think it may be. Trust me, there is no secret formula or magic potion. All it takes is hard work and commitment.

3 thoughts on “Who Is Average Joe Anyway?

  1. Enjoy your story of getting into running Chadd. I’ll see you at the NJ Marathon on April 30th – ran my first half there last year and I’m going for the full this year!

  2. Hey there! Have been following your blog for a bit now. Was wondering if you’d be willing to do a book review on your blog of my book that was recently published. It’s a totally different spin on the average running book. I take parallels from running and apply them to every day life. How to overcome obstacles, how to focus on living at your own unique “pace” and stopping along the highway of life for rest and refreshment. You can check out the book on Amazon and let me know your thoughts. If you are interested I can send you a copy of the book or there is also a Kindle version as well. Happy running! https://www.amazon.com/Embracing-Race-Devotions-Runners-Soul/dp/163357072X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488501118&sr=8-1&keywords=embracing+the+race

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