Race Review: The Buffalo Marathon

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Memorial Weekend 2016 was the Buffalo Marathon (as well as Half and 5K). For me it was my first time not only running the streets of Buffalo, but being in the city itself. Overall I enjoyed my time in the city and the 26.2 miles I was able to run on their streets.


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Race Review: Chicago Marathon

I’m officially a Marathon Runner!!! No words have ever felt better to type. This past weekend was the Chicago Marathon and I am happy to say that I earned my medal! For someone like me who just started running in 2013 and the most exciting race I have run is Philly’s Half Marathon, it is hard for me to say anything bad about a World Marathon like Chicago. It was an overwhelming experience that I will never forget. Now onto my review….


The expo was amazing. I didn’t see exactly how many vendors were there, but if you couldn’t find it at that running expo, it doesn’t exist. The race management team made getting to the expo really easy. There were shuttles set up at different points throughout the city to take you there. I hopped on the one at Nike Running Chicago and got to the expo in no time.


Shuttle to the expo

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