My Time As A BibRave Pro Has Come To An End

For a little over the past two years (beginning in April of 2015 to be exact) I have been a BibRave Ambassador, also known as a BibRave Pro. Having only been running since 2013 it was my first dip into the brand ambassador pool. And it was a great time. Being a pro allowed me to see the country through running and meet some fantastic people along the way.

A few quick memories…..

Running my first full marathon in Chicago and spending time celebrating afterwards with other Pro’s.


Running four races over three days and sharing the experience with other Pro’s.


Flying out to Portland for my first West Coast race and hanging out with the folks behind BibRave


Being a Pro has allowed me to travel to places like Atlanta, Buffalo and all throughout the local area. It also gave me a chance to race my first ever midnight run as well as 2 races in 24 hours. The memories over the last 2 years have been great.

I’ve always been someone who believes in complete transparency. So while I won’t get into full details, I’m also open to discussing the decision.

Truth be told this wasn’t 100% my decision. It was a decision that I was asked to make.

As I have written before, and been public about, I run a website called Running Philly. The site originally started as just something I was playing around with a few years ago. However more recently it has become pretty big. So much so that it is allowing me to partner with local races to promote them. Unfortunately, as I have been told, owning that website presents a conflict with my Pro status. And as a result I was asked to make a decision.

So I have decided to walk away from a program I have enjoyed so greatly to focus on growing the Running Philly brand.

It was a fun 2 years. As I mentioned I have met a lot of people and have seen a lot of the country because of BibRave. If you are a runner who enjoys being social about it, I highly recommend applying to be a Pro. Feel free to apply here. And if you aren’t quite ready for that level of commitment, at least join their Tuesday night Twitter chats. The Pro’s are a great group of people and you are sure to find others who will change your life the way I did.

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