My Running Adventures Are Taking Me To Portland!

Shamrock Run Portland

In 2016 I ran the Love Run Half Marathon. You can check out my race review here, and if you ran it yourself review it on BibRave. Not only did I run this race I was also an ambassador for them. That meant I was given a personal discount code to share with others to run this race. The code gave runners $5 off the race if they used it and in return it tracked how many people used this code. I received free prizes depending on the amount of people who used my code. Throughout my ambassadorship I received wireless headphones, running clothes, a FitBit Blaze and even running shoes!

Well, my following must have been pretty good because I even had enough code entries to qualify for their grand prize: an all expenses paid trip to one of the race organizers sister races. And because of that I am happy to announce I will be running the Shamrock Run Half Marathon in Portland, OR on March 19th 2017!

I couldn’t be anymore excited for this adventure. Not only will it be one more state closer to my 50 Half’s in 50 States goal, but it is allowing me to see a city (and state) that I have never been to and without costing me a dime. Because of my running I have had the pleasure of visiting Chicago, Buffalo (and by the time of this race) Atlanta. With the majority of the expenses of these trips having been covered for me. And now I can add Portland to this list.

As always my fiancé will be planning our tourist activities and I will be dragging us to every craft brewery I can get a hold of. As a craft beer fan I have always heard amazing things about the beer scene in Portland, so I couldn’t be more excited if I tried. Is it wrong to want to get the race over with as soon as possible so I can get to the craft bars right away? I have also never been to the North West part of our country. In fact I have only been to the West Coast two times in my life. Thanks to running I am on my way to see another part of this great country of ours.

So in 2017, I am coming for you PDX (that’s correct, right?)



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