Product Review: Legend Compression Socks

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Legend Compression Performance Socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review and review races!


When it comes to compression I feel like I am quite the stickler. When I began running I never wore compression. I just assumed the aches and pains associated with running were normal. While pains are typical from running, that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent them. When I first began running and recovering using compression I was instantly hooked and never looked back. At the same time I’ve worn compression long enough to know what works for me and what doesn’t. To this day there is one major compression company I refuse to wear because of the fit (they will remain nameless). So when it comes to compression I’d like to believe I know what I am talking about.

Enter a new compression company that I am not so familiar with: Legend Performance Compression. Before I get into how the compression gear felt, here is the company explaining the science behind the socks in their own words:


The first thing I noticed when wearing them was how comfortable they are. As I mentioned above I have had to completely abandon one unnamed company because of the fit. So when it comes to compression I am a bit picky. However that is not the case with Legend. They use the social media hashtag #RightNotTight and I understand why. Because these compression socks fit right and not tight. They are comfortable while also doing the job that compression should do.

In the runs I ran in these socks I felt very comfortable. The one struggle I have with full compression socks (not just calf socks) is getting them on. Since they cover half my leg trying to get them on can sometimes be difficult. However my Legends slipped right on my leg with no issues at all. And my legs felt completely comfortable while running. While these may not be as tight as some companies they still provide the compressions support and comfort you should find in gear like this.

Overall I thoroughly enjoy my compression socks and am very happy I own a pair. I have been through many different compression companies so feel like I speak with a bit of knowledge here; you need to give Legend Compression Wear a try. Visit their website now and check out for yourself!


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