On To November……

While October had the most miles I have run in a month for quite sometime, I cannot still help but feel down about the month. Probably because I ended the last weekend in October with my first DNS. Don’t get me wrong, October also had the best racing weekend of my life in it as well, so all isn’t doom and gloom. However the anxiety of the month is still there.

Maybe it is because it is a new month and that brings a renewal of spirits. Or maybe it is because the leaves are falling and the scenery is changing. Either way November must be a renewal of my running efforts. I haven’t publicly admitted it yet, but my 2016 running journey has not gone as planned. Truth be told I have clearly been in a funk for half this year. The passion is not burning as deep within me. I don’t think this is a permanent issue and I know just getting out there will break me out of it, but it exists none the less.

So I go into November reminding myself to snap out of it. I do not have any specific goals. Outside of completing my upcoming race this weekend. Instead November will be spent focusing on getting out there and running and enjoying the change in scenery.

So here I am, on to November.

(Photo courtesy of Angie Runs!)

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