My Next Long Term Running Goal

As with most of my running goals, I had a spark of an idea and after very little research decided to turn that idea into a goal.

Having said that, my next running goal is to run a half marathon in each state of the country. 50 States, 50 Half Marathons. As I stated in the title this will be a long term goal. It is not something I plan on accomplishing in 2016. Mainly because I’d have to quit my job to get all that traveling done in one year. However that does not mean I won’t try and knock off a few close states in 2016.

To try and cut down on costs of these races I will attempt to promote some of these closer runs on my blog Running Philly in exchange for free race bibs. This will be an expensive endeavor so I should be financially smart about it. I will also try and run as many races I can on behalf of BibRave as an ambassador for them. They do a great job establishing relationships with races across the country so I will do my part to try and run as many as I can for them.

I’ll be tracking my progress on the map below, highlighting in orange the states I have completed. As you see, I have a lot of work ahead of me. Technically I ran 2 rounds of 13.1 miles at the Chicago Marathon, doesn’t that count?????


So now, as with everything running related, I will begin to look into others who have done this and will get myself integrated into that community. I have always looked at my running journey as just that, a journey to share with others.

If anyone reading this is embarking on a similar challenge I would love to hear from you. Or if you are reading this or connected with me on social media, and I am running in your state, I am always looking for a meet up.

My journey to date: (states in red not ran yet)

Alabama Ohio West Virginia Oregon
Alaska Oklahoma Wisconsin Pennsylvania
Arizona Indiana Wyoming Rhode Island
Arkansas Iowa Missouri South Carolina
California Kansas Montana South Dakota
Colorado Kentucky Nebraska Tennessee
Connecticut Louisiana Nevada Texas
Delaware Maine New Hampshire Utah
Florida Maryland New Jersey Vermont
Georgia Massachusetts New Mexico Virginia
Hawaii Michigan New York Washington
Idaho Minnesota North Carolina  
Illinois Mississippi North Dakota  

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