Am I Really Running 4 Races In One Weekend?


As a part of being a BibRave Ambassador (more commonly known as a”BibRave Pro”) I sometimes get the chance to run races on behalf of the organization. While it is a huge benefit to me to get a complimentary race bib, it also helps push me to races I wouldn’t normally run. Like how I am running my 2nd Full Marathon about 6 months after I ran my first one!

I wrote last year how being a Bib Rave Pro pushed me to run 2 races in a 24 hour period. I can say with 100% certainty that I would have never done that on my own. Well thanks to their sponsorship’s I’m now signed up for FOUR races in one Weekend. Yes, 4. I will be running the Runners World Festival weekend of races on behalf of BibRave.

The weekend includes the following races:

  • Friday: 3.8 Mile Trail Run
  • Saturday: 5K & 10K
  • Sunday: Half Marathon

So that’s my weekend. They call it the Grand Slam Challenge. If you’re doing the math correctly it equates to 26.2 miles of running, or a full marathons distance. I’m not concerned with the distance because by the time of the race (fingers crossed) I will be a 2x Marathon finisher. However this will be the first time I’ve run an organized race for 3 consecutive days. So the nerves can’t help but be there. However, more than anything I am beyond excited. This will be a memorable weekend for sure.

As a part of the BibRave program, anytime you run a race for them they ask you run in the BibRave colors. Thankfully I should have enough shirts to get me through the weekend.


Remember, always do it for the story.

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