My First Race(s) as a Bib Rave Pro

Bib Rave Pro

About a month ago I became a BibRave Pro. Feel free to click that link if you would like to find out more about what that means. The BibRave organization is a great one and you should get involved, as a Pro or just a contributor during the weekly Twitter #BibChat. Either way as of today I signed up for my first official race representing BibRave.

It is technically two races.

The first is the Midnight Madness 8 Miler and the second is the Justice For All 5K. Both races are a part of the Back On My Feet in24 Race Weekend on July 18th and 19th. The race is the organization’s largest national fundraiser to help support the efforts made by Back On My Feet (BoMF). If you do not know about BoMF they are an organization that uses running to help the homeless. They have many organized races throughout the year and are an organization you should try to run for if you can to help out their cause.

As for these runs, I will be running the 8 Miler that starts at midnight and the 5K that starts 8 hours later at 8:00 AM. Yes, that 8 miler is at midnight. I can’t say I have ever run an organized race overnight before so I am very excited about the opportunity to do so.

Normally these are races I wouldn’t run. I will be 2.5 months away from the Chicago Marathon at that point and focusing more on training than signing up for organized races. However I have an opportunity to run on behalf of BibRave and for a good cause so I could not pass that up.

There are a few other reasons these races excite me:

  1. This will be the first official race I run as a 30 year old. I will turn 30 the weekend before. New age group!
  2. These runs benefit a great cause. As I said, normally, because of timing, I would not run these races. However by doing so I will be helping out an organization doing great things.
  3. I have never run a midnight race before. And on top of that it is 8 miles! I am excited to see what that looks like.
  4. I will really be testing myself with 2 races on one day. I have done that before so it won’t be the first time, but it will be the first time with a distance of 8 or more miles.

If you live in the Philadelphia area check out this race weekend. Outside of the 8 miler and 5K they also have an Urban Ultra run that includes running as many 8.4-mile laps around Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River Running Loop in 24 hours as you physically can. Join me for this awesome cause and exciting weekend!

Register for any of the races here.


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