Buffalo Marathon Training Update


So according to my training schedule for the Buffalo Marathon I am finishing up my 4th week. Training has been interesting so far. What I mean by that is, I haven’t stuck to my training schedule as strictly as I would like to admit but I still feel good. I have put in decent mileage for the month when you compare the miles I ran during February for the last 2 years. However the past 2 February’s I wasn’t training for a marathon.

Truth be told I haven’t completed a Sunday long run yet. Now granted the majority of those runs haven’t been any more than 6 miles so I don’t feel like I am missing too much. But at the same time I do need to get in the habit of getting up early on Sunday’s and getting out the door. Especially when the training schedule starts getting into the double digit mileage.

Overall I am not freaking out by any means. The first 4 weeks of training didn’t consist of me sticking to the plan by the letter of the law. But I still feel good about everything. I think that is how I am evolving in this crazy world of running. (Remember, I just started running in 2013, so what do I know?). Now that I have a marathon under my belt and have trained for countless of other races I know how my body will handle training. Before I would freak out if I thought I didn’t train enough. I am not suggesting I can take it easy on training, I am not that naive. But at the same time I at least have a little bit of experience to keep that internal voice from freaking out.

The one good thing in all this is that I ran my first official race of the year last weekend and I felt overall I did well. My time was slightly better than expected and I felt good about the race. So I was happy to have that as a barometer of where I stand with my training.

At the same time I have stayed active. I am still doing some regular cross training to keep me healthy. Also my eating has probably been the best part of my training so far. During the week I stick to a very strict diet of fruits, vegetables and protein. As much of a craft beer fan as I am, I do not drink at all during the week. So my alcohol intake is kept at a minimum as well.

So with the first month of training behind me I would say overall I am pleased. I know what is ahead of me and as far as running goes I need to kick my butt into gear. But I am satisfied with where I am currently and looking forward to building towards a strong second month. Plus, what will help me get into gear, is that my latest BibRave product came into test. A pair of On Running Cloudsurfer shoes. My current shoes are just at about retirement stage. (Which will be the first time I ever “retire” a pair of running shoes, more on that to come later). So I am looking forward to putting these new ones to the test!

I’m coming for you month 2!

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