Fitness Week Review: 9/21 – 9/27

The Chicago Marathon is so close I can feel it. I am done with all of my lengthy long runs and it is all down hill from here as far as mileage is concerned. Overall this was a very active week for me personally that took my fitness across state lines. From Thursday to Sunday I was in Boston for vacation. As a result it did get in the way of my fitness activities but didn’t stop me completely.

My week….

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 Mile Run

Wednesday60 Minute Spin Class

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 4 Mile Run, 45 Minute Spin Class, 2 hours of Softball

Traveling to Boston along with all of the activities I had planned during the weekend did take away from my fitness for the week, however I was still able to get in some activity while up north. On Sunday, before I had to catch a plane home, I found a spin studio named The Handle Bar and signed up for a spin class at 8:00 AM. The studio was 2 miles from where I was staying so it made for a perfect location to get 4 miles of running in.

The class was really intense. I could tell the instructor took her fitness seriously and it reflected in her class. I am always a fan of instructors who are passionate about what they do. Because I find you always get a better work out in those kind of classes, and that was definitely the case.

Outside of that I did get to experience a lot of what makes Boston great to the running community. I visited the Boston Marathon Run Base which is a store that sells all Boston Marathon related apparel. I found an awesome jacket there that I would have loved to buy (pictured below) however it was a Boston Marathon jacket. I am big into only wearing gear of races you’ve run. I have not, and may not ever, run this race so I passed on this purchase, sadly.


Outside of that I also visited the Boston Marathon finish line. This was extra special to me considering I wear a bracelet at all times with the date of the Boston Marathon bombing on one side and “Run Now” on the other. Even though I never plan on running Boston, I still value that race and what it means to the running community. So I was happy to be on site and stand near this iconic symbol.


Now onto the other scenes from the week….


Had to get a pic of an iconic part of the Boston Marathon skyline


My trip to the Handle Bar indoor cycle studio


Running the streets of Boston


Boston Marathon Run Base


While I may have taken a rest day on Friday, I still got in 7.2 miles of walking

Less than 2 weeks til the big race!!!

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