Product Review: Buff Headband

Disclaimer: I received a free UV Buff Headband as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


It feels like it is becoming a regular thing anymore where I come home to see a package waiting at my door. And what’s inside? Some awesome running gear! Through my ambassadorship with BibRave I am able to test some awesome running gear and this time it was the UV Buff Headband.

I continue to say this, but if you are into running and active on social media you have to link up with BibRave. Not only is it a great site to review races but it is an amazing community of like minded runners all fighting for the same goal; to be the best versions of themselves through running. Don’t believe me? Join their #BibChat on Twitter (starts at 8/9 ET) every Tuesday night and see for yourself!

Now onto this product review…..

On the Buff USA website they describe the UV Buff Headband as such:

Using Coolmax® Extreme fabric, UV Buff® Headband is designed to effectively wick moisture from your forehead when you sweat during sport.

At first I didn’t understand what a “Buff” was. When I saw everyone post on twitter they would say “I love my new Buff!”. Ok that is nice, but what exactly is a Buff? So let me explain it; quite simply it is a head wrap. Think of it like a bandanna but fitted for your head, that’s the easiest way to describe it. And really it does fit very comfortably. I ran with mine on a 10, 12 and even 16 mile run and it never had an issue holding up.

Not only did it hold up on my run well, it did it’s job very well also. Time to get a little personal here; but I sweat….a lot. They promote that the Coolmax Extreme fabric provides moisture wicking support when you sweat. And this product did just that. For someone who sweats as much as I do, the Buff Headband kept the majority of my sweat in tact.

The packaging offers over 12 different ways to wear this product. I wore mine primarily in the “pirate style” however there are a lot more options if need be. Just check them all out below…


Overall this is a great product. Not only for running, but for any outdoor activity really. Especially for someone like me with no natural protection on the top of my head (i.e. hair). A week before one of my long runs I had gotten some pretty bad sunburn on the top of my head. I knew I would be out on my long run for a few hours and needed the protection from the sun. Luckily this product provides 95% ultraviolet protection (see below) and my sunburn was not impacted at all!

FullSizeRender (1)

I fully support you checking this product out. Like I said if you are running or doing any outdoor activity (hiking, camping, sports, etc.) this is the perfect product to have on you. Not only is it effective and does what it says, it is also lightweight and will not take up too much space. A perfect product to carry without realizing you have it on you.

Check out the Buff website for all their products, you will not be disappointed!


Loving my Buff!

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