I’m a Bib Rave Pro!

Bib Rave Pro

A few months back I stumbled on a twitter account named @BibRave. Specifically what I found was their Tuesday night twitter chat known as #BibChat. It is a twitter chat between runners to discuss so many topics when it comes to running. Since first stumbling upon this I have been strongly connected to it. I enjoy every week getting to share stories with everyone across the globe.

As my running story goes I just randomly started running one day. There was never an end goal, I just put feet to pavement one day back in 2013 and haven’t stopped since. As a result I have never really been connected to a specific community. Since I randomly entered the running world it has really only ever been about me and me alone. I say this because since joining this weekly chat I have felt connected to the running community for the first time. Truth be told I have never really felt like the running type. I don’t have the traditional runners body and I am not competing for awards at every race I run. So part of me has somewhat felt like an outsider. But by becoming active in this community I have felt more involved in running than I ever have.

As a part of their community they have what are known as BibRave Pros. They describe this as:

“BibRave Pros are active, enthusiastic, and socially-savvy runners! As a Pro we’ll expect you to keep an active racing (and reviewing) schedule, and also spread the word about BibRave!”

There is an application process to become a BibRave Pro. You have to prove you are active in not only the BibRave community but your local running community as well. And you must be willing to carry the BibRave flag (figuratively of course) for others to see. As someone who has felt so included by this community and how it has had such an impact in my running I am happy to be a BibRave Pro and hopefully show others how awesome this community is.

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