Fitness Week in Review: 7/13 – 7/19

This past week was week #2 on my Sweat Tracker Chicago Marathon training plan. A lot happened in one week. I dealt with my first Marathon training injury, ran my first 2 races as BibRave Pro and am dealing with injuries from softball. So much going on! But it’s all apart of the journey.

My week:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4 Mile Run

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Foam Rolling/ Stretching Out Injury

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 30 Minute Elliptical

Sunday: 8 Mile Race, 5K Race, 2 Hours of Softball

As I mentioned this week was a whirlwind. On Tuesday I took my motorcycle to a new running path and enjoyed it. My normal trail is starting to become repetitive so in an effort to shake it up a bit I looked for another spot. I think I will continue to do this every so often. On Tuesday I did start experiencing an injury that I finally had to start taking care of. So as a result I took Thursday and Friday off from activity. It ended up paying off because I was pain free on my two races over the weekend.


Sunday was one of the most crazy days during marathon training I have had to date. I wrote about it here but my day consisted of physical activity that lasted from 12:00 in the morning and didn’t end until 5:00 at night. It started with a midnight 8 mile race. After that 8 miler I got about 3 hours of sleep and was off and running a 5K. Finally got home and by the afternoon was playing in a double header in softball. The softball games wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t somewhere around 95 degrees out with high humidity. I am not sure what I sweat through more, the 8 miler or the softball games. Either way by the time I got home I couldn’t wait to finally fall asleep. Which I did, for about 12 hours until Monday morning.


My two BibRave Pro Races!


Softball Sunday

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