First Marathon Training Injury


I am not sure what it is and I don’t know how serious it is, but it hurts. The injury occurred on my Tuesday night run of this week. I had been feeling lower knee pain for a while, but last night it was to the point where it made it difficult to walk. Knock on wood, in the two years I have been running I haven’t been so injured to the point where I was sidelined. I have dealt with my fair share of injuries to date, but nothing that completely took my out of competition.

Let’s hope this isn’t the first one.

I am working hard towards completing my first marathon. I have read countless stories of people not completing a marathon for one reason or another, but primarily due to injury. I’m stubborn to say the least so I won’t let something keep me away from my goal.

Tonight is another running night. So far this injury hasn’t been too bad today. I iced it and stretched it last night so I am doing my part to make sure it doesn’t get worse. As with every injury I have had I will listen to my body and act accordingly. If for some reason I can’t run tonight I will just get myself on the elliptical. It is a lot less pounding on my legs and will still allow me to get my cardio in.

Just another step in my Chicago Marathon journey I suppose.

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