2105 Running Goals

As I have previously blogged about, ever since starting to run in 2013 I have aimed for specific goals. Outside of the races I run through the year, I like to aim for a large goal that will really test me out. In 2013 it was my first Half Marathon. In 2014 the goal was my first Triathlon and 2nd Half Marathon (snuck in #3 as well).

Now for 2015.

Immediately the plan for 2015 is to run a Full Marathon. I know this is a physically and mentally tough goal, but I also know I will have 10+ months to prepare. Along with this goal I have decided on a few more as well. Nothing crazy, but some things that I know will test me (as well as be fun). I don’t want to put too many official races on the list, because I would rather focus on training for one larger race rather than jumping around from different race types.

So that being said below are my Running Goals for 2015. I always figure, if you write them down, you are that much closer to sticking with them.

  1. Volunteer at a race: The ultimate goal here would be to begin a race or trail a race with my motorcycle. I always think that looks like so much fun, and I love being on my bike. But I would take handing out water after someone just ran 13.1 miles
  2. Run 100 Miles In a Month: I run using Nike+. I have run 50 miles and won the Gold Trophy. But recently I saw they have a platinum trophy for 100 miles in a month. I’m coming for you platinum!
  3. Run a Full Marathon: Ideally it will be New York or Chicago. If I am going to do this I want to make it exciting. Plus I don’t know how many more Marathon’s I will run after I complete the goal.

So there is my 2015. A lot of running, but just 3 simple goals. 2013 was eye opening and 2014 tested what my body was capable of, so I am excited to see what 2015 has in store for me!


11 thoughts on “2105 Running Goals

  1. Love your goals and so glad that I came across your blog today! I’m training for my first 70.3 this year (big goal for me!) and I’m also an average Joe-ette 😉 I look forward to following your journey!

  2. Sounds like great goals. My big goal this year was my first 140.6. I am not burnt out on triathlon and will be returning to my first love…running! Goals include increasing indurence (first ultra and first back to back marathon). I am hoping to improve speed as well…maybe go sub-4!

      • Thanks! Trying to build and have some big goals to drive me into unexplored territory. I definitely need a break from triathlon, so I will only be doing sprints next year. Will likely be burnt out on running after next year and move back to a 70.3 or two (never doing a 140.6 again)! Eventually need to find balence and just enjoy, but I am having too much fun finding that I can do things I never thought possible.

        Don’t assume that a marathon is a “one and done”. A big marathon is this great big event with huge number of participants, volunteers, spectators, expo, etc. you really feel like you are part of something very special, and will keep you coming back!

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