2015 Will Be Here Before You Know It

So I have decided to run a full marathon.

Yes that is correct. The same guy who started running regularly about 9 months ago has decided to jump into the marathon ring. As I type that it’s scary as can be.

Ever since I started running I have set myself up with yearly goals. In 2013 it was to complete a half marathon. In 2014 it is a triathlon. So what else is there to do in 2015? Well it only makes sense to get myself ready for 26.2 miles.

This is all still in the preliminary stages. I still have a triathlon this year and two half marathons. But the wheels will be in motion.

I have decided that for such a major milestone that I just don’t complete a local one. I don’t plan on making a marathon a habit and it very well could be the only one I ever run. So as such I would like to make it a memorable one.

And of course when you talk memorable marathons you think Boston. However I am not the qualifying type. So that’s out.

So I have decided to throw my hat in the ring for the Chicago Marathon in October of 2015.

I say throw my hat in the ring because it is lottery based and there is no guarantee I get in. But I will put my name in the lottery system and hope for the best.

If I don’t get it I think I will register for the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon. I’ve heard really good things. And I’ve run a Rock N Roll Half before so I know they put on a good race.

So that all being said this will probably be the last post on this subject for quite a while. But either way I can’t wait!!


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