Time to Start Eating Well

As some may know my running journey started in June 2013. Since that time I have challenged myself with 2 Half Marathons, a 15K, a 10 Mile Run, Duathlon, Triathlon and about one 5K every month since then. So far I would say it has been going well. No major injuries to speak about, haven’t had to quit any runs because I couldn’t do it, and overall pretty healthy.

And so far it has kept me in pretty good shape. I notice a bit of a difference and some other people around me can as well. However it is time I take it to the next step.

That starts with eating well. I am not a health nut, while I enjoy running, I also enjoy craft beer, cheesesteak’s and any ice cream I can get my hands on.

I always knew if I was going to take my running to the next level, i.e. starting to compete with the elite runners I could not do it on just running alone. I knew I would need to incorporate an overall healthy lifestyle.

So I have decided to embark on a food challenge that will require the same discipline as I have used to complete my runs. I have selected a 28 day meal plan to hopefully help me drop weight and get more lean. I enjoy running, but doing it at my size is not easy and I feel like I have to work twice as hard as the next person to accomplish my goals. And with a Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and my 3rd Half Marathon coming up in the next few months I would like to give myself a little edge.

So this weekend I will enjoy a good meal, and come Monday it’s on to my meal plan. I don’t use the word diet, because I feel that comes with a stigma. So I substitute the term “Meal Plan”

Here it is….


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