Weekly Workout Recap

The third week of my Tough Mudder training is now in the books. This week was a really good week because my girlfriend asked to be a part of it. After my workout on Monday she asked “why don’t you ever want me to work out with you?” And it was never about not wanting her to, I just assumed she didn’t have an interest. Not that she doesn’t like to workout (she is a Crossfitter) I just figured since I was on my own plan doing my own thing that she did not have an interest. But we did and we had a lot of fun. She even helped me with my form, as I can be an uncoordinated mess sometimes.

Saturday- 1 Hour Spin Class

Sunday- Rest Day

Monday- 1 Mile Run (10:00 Min pace) + 40 Minute Upper Body Workout

Tuesday- 4 Mile Run (9:39 Pace)

Wednesday- 1 Mile Run (10:00 Min pace) + 40 Minute Lower Body Workout

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday– 40 Minute Upper Body Workout


Also this week I have decided to go on a 28 Day Meal Plan. As I highlight in that blog, I am looking to drop some weight and tone myself so I can handle the difficulty that my upcoming races (Tough Mudder, Half Marathon, Spartan) will ultimately present.

And as of about 10 minutes ago I decided to run the Rock ‘N Roll Philadelphia 5K and Spartan Race on the same day. I do not think this will be too physically impossible, however the mental aspect of finishing one race only to have to get to the next one will be intense. I cannot lie, the whole reason I am doing this is because of the 5K Medal (pictured below). The Philly Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon was my very first Half Marathon I ever run. I loved it and thought the Rock ‘N Roll organization did a great job, however the medal really left something to be desired. I have run countless races since then whose medals blow it out of the water. So call my reasoning superficial, but ultimately it gets me up and active so that’s not a bad thing right?

Onward and upward…..


Look at this medal, wouldn’t you squeeze this race in before a Spartan Race?!phi-5k-medal1

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