Fitness Friday- Weekly Workout Recap

The 2nd week of Tough Mudder training rolls right along…..

Saturday- Rest Day

Sunday- 5K Mud Run!

Monday- 40 Minute Upper Body Workout + 1 Mile Run

Tuesday- 3 Mile Run (9:40 Pace)

Wednesday- 40 Minute Lower Body Workout + 10 Minute Elliptical

Thursday-  3 Mile Run (9:40 Pace)

Friday- Rest Day


All and all a solid week. Getting into to the routine of the tough mudder program. And I had a 5K Mud Run to start the week that was a lot of fun. Prepared me for what I can expect in the upcoming months with the Spartan Race and Tough Mudder. I was surprised with my climbing ability overall. I was up those cargo nets and rock walls like spiderman!


Some images from the run….




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