Let The Running Season Begin……

Truth be told the summer racing months were barely existent for me. My last official race took place in the spring, and if you follow me on Nike+ you know my recreational running wasn’t that much more exciting either. I don’t know if I’d label it as a funk necessarily. I will admit the running fire hasn’t been burning as deep as it once did in me.

I still kept active during that time though, so I wasn’t completely sedentary. This year I joined a crossfit gym and have been doing much more of that. And each work out leaves me gasping for breath and drenched in sweat. So while many miles weren’t accumulated during the summer, I have still been keeping up with my fitness.

However that is all about to change. For whatever reason when planning out my year a majority of my races landed during the Fall season. Over the next 8 weeks I will be running 10 races up and down the east coast.


This weekend starts a very busy race season. I will be heading to Atlanta for the Craft Classic Half Marathon. A race that is sure to be exciting. Not only have I never been to Atlanta before, but it will be the 2nd race to continue my 50 Half’s/ 50 States chase. One week after that I will be heading to center city Philly for the Rock ‘n’ Roll 5K. Would have loved the Half Marathon distance, but a friends wedding put a stop to that. However I still get a medal for the 5K!

I will then get a 2 week break but be back at it with the inaugural 5000 Yards Dash. A first of it’s kind race that celebrates Philly’s best (in my opinion) craft brewery; Yards Brewing. One week after that the real fun begins. I will race 4 races in 1 weekend at the Runners World Half & Festival. I will run a 3.8 mile trail run on Friday, 5K & 10K on Saturday and wrap up my weekend with a Half Marathon on Sunday.

No rest for the weary. Just one week later, after 4 races in 1 weekend, I will be racing the Run Inspired 10K in Delaware. Another inaugural race, which makes 2 during this period. After this, the following week, I will run my 3rd Half Marathon of my 50 Half’s/ 50 States chase at the Trenton Half Marathon. And finally I will wrap up this whirlwind journey by running a 10K that crosses over a closed bridge in Philly. A bridge that is normally packed with cars will be shut down for runners only. A fun way to cap off this 2 month period.

So there it is. From a very quiet summer to a fall season filled with 70.74 official racing miles. It’s going to be a great couple of months with memories to be made for sure. And as always I will make sure to keep the blogosphere aware of my journeys!

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