Additional 2016 Running Goal…..

As I was counting up my miles ran in 2015 I noticed something. I completed 6 months at 50 miles or more. Compare that to 2014 where I completed just one 50 mile month. This got me thinking of 2016 and my running goals I would like to accomplish. I already posted about 2016 goals here, so no need to re-hash them.


However I would like to add another to the list. And that would be to run at least 50 miles for every month of the year. Running 50 miles in one month isn’t a difficult task. In 2015 the most miles I ran in one month was a 100. And I had several months where I ran well into the 60’s and 70’s.

However this goal is about consistency.

In 2015 my running started off slow for the year and ended slow as well. In January of 2015 I recorded a whole 10.1 miles run. And in December of 2015 I ran a whopping 3.1 miles for the month. So for me this new goal is about keeping up a high level of running for the whole year. The lack of running at the end of 2015 was sort of a gift to myself. I spent April through October training for my first marathon. Training ended up going well as a I successfully completed the Chicago Marathon in October 2015. As a result I ran a total of 12 miles in November and December. I was “gifting” myself with a much lighter running load after training for 6 months.

But in 2016 the gifting is over. Sure I will run a 2nd Marathon, but the newness of it is gone. I can already call myself a marathoner, so this time around there will be no gifting. For 2016 I will set a goal of running at minimum 50 miles per month from January to December. And as a result, if I stick to this goal, I will have run a minimum of 600 miles for 2016. Beating my previous yearly high of 502 miles run in 2015.

As with all goals I am writing it here to stay accountable. So let the games begin.

2 thoughts on “Additional 2016 Running Goal…..

  1. I’m just finishing up my 2016 Themes blog post, and ‘consistency’ is literally the first one – and arguably the most important. For me, it applies to running for sure, but in other areas of my live (mostly fitness-related) as well. No gifting – I like that! All the best with your training in 2016! Look forward to hearing/reading about it!

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