My 2016 Race Schedule

In an effort to keep myself more honest to my runs, I thought I would put out my planned race schedule for 2016. I recently wrote how I plan to run a half marathon in every state of the USA. I am planning to attack 3 states in 2016; West Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey.

I have some down time between May and October so I have to do some planning around that. So obviously all are subject to change, but here is the plan at least.

Feb. 20th: Frostbite 5 Miler

March 26th: Back On My Feet 5 Miler

April 2nd: Hot Chocolate 15K

April 10th: Love Run Half Marathon

May 1st: Broad Street Run 10 Miler

May 29th: Buffalo Marathon

Sept. 10th: Craft Classic Atlanta Half Marathon

Sept. 17th: Rock ‘n’ Roll 5K

October 9th: Yards Beer 5,000 Yard Dash

October 14 – 16th: Runner’s World Trail Run, 5K, 10K & Half Marathon

October 29th: Trenton Half Marathon (NJ)

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