Half Marathon #10: Mad Marathon Half

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This past weekend I headed north to Waitsfield, VT to run the Mad Marathon Half and state number 4 in pursuit of my 50 States 50 Half’s goal. This run is dubbed the “Worlds Most Beautiful Marathon” due to all of the sights and sounds along the course. And it did not disappoint.

The race was held in the Mad River Valley in Waitsfield, VT. Because the town was so small I had to do my research on this. The population of Waitsfield is 1,719. Just for context the last race I ran in Philly (Broad Street Run) had 40,000 runners. So needless to say I knew this race would be small. When I got to the bib pick up I believe the person told me there were 700 runners registered. That may have been cutting it short a bit, but yes it was indeed small.

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My 9 Month Training Plan

So the training schedule for this ridiculous year of running is in place. This is a variety of 3 different training plans, but all and all will consume 9 months in a row of my time.

The training begins with my 9 week Half Marathon schedule, which morphs into my 13 week triathlon training which then picks up my 12 week Tough Mudder schedule. All said and done 34 weeks, or 8.5 Months. And that doesn’t include the other half month between my Triathlon finishing and the Tough Mudder schedule starting where I will be continuing the training.

To say this is nerve wrecking would be an understatement!

Training schedules below


2014 is Upon Us!

So it’s time to focus on running in 2014! And if the runs I did in 2013 were like dipping my toe in the proverbial running pool, 2014 will be like diving head first from a 40 foot diving board at full speed!

I have set up some pretty lofty goals for the year and am excited to embark on the adventure. Below I highlight the runs I am scheduled for but in all it is a handful of 5K’s, 2 Half Marathons, 2 Duathlons,  a Triathlon and a Tough Mudder.

This all started because my goal for 2014 was to run a Triathlon. From there it expanded to a few other runs, and next thing I knew here I am with a schedule of 120 miles in runs.

I do put out this disclaimer: I have not consulted anyone in the health field as to if this is something I should be doing or not. But as always I will listen to my body and know the difference between discomfort and actual pain. But even then I tow the line pretty close.

So here is what my schedule looks like to date:

  • January 19th- 5K
  • February 1st- 5K
  • February 14th- Singles 5K (gotta do something that day, right?)
  • March 30th- 5K
  • April 13th- Half Marathon
  • April 19th- Duathlon
  • May 4th- 10 Mile Philadelphia Broad Street Run
  • May 18th- Duathlon
  • June 22nd- Triathlon
  • September 21st- Philly Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon
  • October 11th- Tri State Tough Mudder

Since my running is centered around the triathlon, I have been involved in a lot more spinning classes of late. Here are a few studios I would like to personally endorse for people to check out in the Philadelphia area:

  1. Body Cycle Studio- http://www.bodycyclestudio.com/
  2. Flywheel- http://philadelphia.flywheelsports.com/locations/center-city
  3. Fitness That Fits-http://www.fitnessthatfits.net/
  4. Ride Cycle Studio- http://www.ridecyclingstudio.com/

I am looking forward to this year. 2013 did not quite end the way I would have liked it to on a personal note, so I am coming into 2014 with a focus on completing these runs and taking myself to the next level. Once again I have never considered myself a full fledged runner, but I enjoyed 2013 and the way I pushed myself towards the half marathon. So I want to build on that moving forward.

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”