My 2016 Running Year in Review

I am not afraid to admit that 2016 was not my best year of running. In fact it was probably the worst. However it was also only my 3rd full year of running, so it wasn’t too hard to be my worst when I only had 2 other years to compare it to.

While 2016 didn’t go exactly the way I thought it would that doesn’t mean it was a complete waste. So let’s look at the good, bad and ugly.

The Good….

In 2016 I completed my 2nd FULL Marathon at the Buffalo Marathon. Not only was this a great race it was also my first time in Buffalo. And allowed me to see Niagara Falls. It was a trip to remember for the rest of my life, so I cannot write about 2016 without discussing this. I recapped the race here and my weekend here.

Another highlight of the year was the Runners World Half and Festival Weekend. It was a three day weekend where I ran 4 races (including my first trail race) and participated in my first November Project workout. It was a whirlwind weekend which not only tested me physically but exposed me to more social running. A few other BibRave Pro’s ran as well so it was one of the first times where I ran more than just on my own. An amazing weekend full of memories that I wish I could relive over and over. Check out my race reviews and how my weekend went.


I also added Georgia to my 50 Half’s in 50 States goal!

The Bad….

I had two major goals for 2016, one of which was to start Crossfit.

While I did start Crossfit, it didn’t stick. Unfortunately this was in part because of my job. I work as a consultant and as a result my office location changes from time to time throughout the year. For the most part of the year I worked right down the street from my Crossfit gym. Around September of this year that changed and I started working about 35 minutes from the gym (that was still about 3 minutes from my house). So I made a decision to end my membership because of how far the gym was to my work and house. I could have picked it up elsewhere but did enjoy that gym. So needless to say I only stuck with Crossfit for a few months in 2016.

The second goal of the year was to run over 50 miles per month

I unfortunately did not run over 50 miles per month for the year. Around July of this year my running completely dropped off. In October it picked back up with the Runners World Half weekend, but then fell back off. Overall I never completed over 50 miles during one month for the year. Multiple months I came close (about 40-45 miles) but never over 50. And had multiple months in single digits, and to date have not run in December.

The Ugly….

My first DNS. Not much more to say about that. But 2016 was the first time I was ever unprepared for a race. Which is something that has never happened to me before.

Very ugly.

Moving onto 2017….

I am not sure what happened but for 2016 I was not really motivated to run much. I don’t know if it got boring to me, or the fire didn’t burn bright, but either way my motivation to run has completely fallen off. I know a part of this is due to no longer having access to a treadmill. In the past when I didn’t feel like running outside I would go to a treadmill. I am one of those rare breads that doesn’t hate it. In July of this year I moved and as a part of it lost my free gym access. So if I didn’t feel like running outside, I didn’t run at all.

The new year will be here soon and it is time to slap myself out of the 2016 funk. I’ll write about some of my goals for 2017, but I do know I will have a lot of excitement in front of me. I will continue my 50 Half’s in 50 States goal as well as add new local races so there is a lot to look forward to.

Here’s to putting 2016 behind me and learning from it to get better.

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