Product Review: UCAN Protein Powder

Disclaimer: I received a package of UCAN Protein Powder to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review and review races!


Protein powders may be the one item that you should read the reviews for before you buy. Some can be chalky, some bad tasting and some just outright awful. And unfortunately you don’t find out until you finally open the tub and stir in your drink. So when it comes to protein powder you want to make sure you are drinking one that you can trust and that will taste good.

Enter UCAN Protein.

Our all-natural SuperStarch carbohydrate is a patented ingredient derived from hydrothermally treated non-GMO corn. All carb sources were examined by the top researchers in the world in an effort to find a food that maintained blood sugar levels for the longest period of time. SuperStarch was created for a purpose and is now a revolutionary energy source. There’s a lot of noise on the market, but there’s nothing else like SuperStarch.

Read more of their story here.

Truth be told when it comes to protein powder I am not that great with it. There are plenty of master chef’s (or even average at best cooks) out there who can incorporate protein to make it be not so bland. I, unfortunately, do not posses those skills. So when I saw the UCAN package came with a recipe book I was beyond thrilled. Finally I could mix protein in a way that would be beyond shaking my blender bottle with a cup of a water.


And the recipes were amazing! One morning I made a breakfast shake with PB2, some Almond Milk and the vanilla UCAN powder. And I am not just saying this, but it was amazing! It tasted delicious and was a great healthy meal replacement that gave me energy throughout the day.


The next recipe I tried was a protein powder latte. In a million years I never thought coffee and protein powder could ever be mixed. However I am thankful I was open to the idea, because this too was delicious. It allowed me the coffee I need to start my day (yes I said need) while also having a breakfast meal replacement at the same time. I would have never researched this as an option unless UCAN exposed it to me, and I am thankful they did.


The recipe book alone is worth purchasing this protein powder. Beyond the latte and peanut butter recipes I shared, there are also recipes like avocado and strawberry shakes and so much more!

Overall I highly recommend this product. Not only is the powder tasty, nutritious and gave me energy throughout the day but it also allows you to use protein powder in ways you may not have thought before. Don’t believe me? Give it a try for yourself. And get 15% off with code “BIBRAVE”

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