Some Days Aren’t Your Days; My First DNS

My running story has a new chapter to it. However not necessarily a great chapter. Today was the first day I did not start a race.

I was scheduled to run the Trenton Half Marathon in New Jersey. It was the first race I signed up for outside of Pennsylvania towards my 50 Half’s in 50 States goal. So needless to say I was very excited to complete this race and be 1/50th closer to my goal.

And then knee pain struck.

As I was going to bed the night before the run I felt my knee begin to be in pain. I didn’t do anything to it however it felt like the bottom half of my leg twisted from the top part of my leg and my knee was the knot that held them together. I didn’t think much of it and just went to bed figuring it would be better by morning. Tossing and turning throughout the night led me to believe I was wrong.

I finally woke up in the morning with the knee pain not only still there, but it had intensified over the night. Still thinking positively I got out of bed to get ready for the race. However running wasn’t even a thought at this point; just walking to my clothes was difficult as I hobbled over barely able to put weight on my left leg. It was then that doubt started to creep through my mind. I ignored this and prepared for the race like normal.

My fiancé noticed me and asked what was wrong. So I told her and we discussed my options (run or don’t run). So I made the decision to test the knee out and I ran about two tenths of a mile. I could feel my knee in every step however wasn’t in awful pain. Regardless of this deep down inside of me I knew the answer; “you won’t be putting 13.1 miles on this knee today Chadd.” So my fiancé and I discussed it and I finally came to the decision of not going.

To date my running journey has been full of excitement. Sure there have been a few bumps in the road but no major disappointments. However my running journey is also just entering it’s 3rd year, so it stands to reason I have had nothing but excitement so far. I know this is just another part of my running story. While my running journey may be young, as a person I am not. I am old enough to know that if you do anything long enough you are bound to get setbacks. While I am very disappointed by this I know this is just another chapter in my book.

I have an idea of how I wound up here. However that is a bigger picture story of how 2016 has gone so far which I will save for my year end recap post. Regardless here I am, needing to find a new race for New Jersey towards my goal. While I am disappointed with myself I am prepared to move forward. I am one week away from a 10K race and plan on getting myself prepared for that. So as far as I am concerned my first DNS is a chapter closed.

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