Running Is Sending Me To Vermont!

It feels like I have written this many times now, but I am happy to say running is sending me to another part of our country that I have never seen. In July of next year I will be traveling north to Waitsfield, VT for the Mad Marathon. I will be running in the Half Marathon as I continue to chase my 50 Half’s in 50 States goal.

The Mad Marathon will be my first time stepping foot in Vermont. I’ve driven through it and heard great things but have never visited. So I am very excited. What makes it even more exciting is that the race is promoted as the world’s most beautiful marathon. Here are a few photo’s to back up that claim:





That looks like it is going to be a lot of fun!

Along with the breathtaking views that I am bound to experience, I am also excited to visit Vermont. I am personally a fan of seeing more country based settings as they feel like home for me. (Background: I grew up on a farm). However Vermont is also known for their craft beer selection. As I have written before Craft Beer and Running are neck and neck with my two favorite hobbies. So when I travel the country for these races I immediately get involved in their craft beer scene. Any craft lover knows how important Vermont is to the industry. So needless to say I will be stocking up while I am there in some of the best Sip of Sunshine and Heady Topper there is, among many others.

Once again I have BibRave to thank for partnering with the race. It is because of them and my status as a BibRave Pro that I will have the opportunity to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. Follow my journey as I tackle another state half marathon goal!


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