My First Time November Project Experience


Recently I took advantage of a November Project workout for the first time. Since they are very active in Philadelphia I am familiar with them, however have never participated in one of their workouts. If you aren’t familiar with them let me sum it up: it is an early morning, free workout. The organization is a national group that expands throughout the US and Canada, in over 20 cities. The goal is for them “to motivate and encourage people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels to get out of their beds and get moving.”

I had the pleasure to participate in a workout lead by one of the groups co-founders, Brogan Graham. Unfortunately he is not guaranteed to be at the workout you may end up going to. I say unfortunately because Brogan is the embodiment of what November Project stands for. He is a funnel of positivity. Throughout the workout you could tell he wanted every last person to not only succeed, but also get the most out of the morning, regardless of varying fitness levels.

Before beginning the workout the group leader (in this case Brogan) asked you to hug three random strangers. I noticed when I first got to the workout that hugging must be a thing with November Project. As people were showing up to the workout instead of high-fiving or shaking hands a lot of the people would hug to say hello. So when it came time to hug three random strangers I assumed this was a November Project thing.

The workout began with a group huddle. Everyone in attendance got as close together as possible to get the warm up going. I appreciated this exercise because as cold as it was outside, the body heat from this exercise made the chill in the air not as bad. Once this was over we broke out and began the workout.


Group huddle to begin (photo courtesey of @suzallaire)

The core of the workout was broken into groups of three people. However you were not assigned into groups of three, instead you just grabbed the hands of the first two people you saw and that was your group of three. This was a great way to do that because it avoided the old elementary school days of fearing being picked last for an activity. Once we were broken into three we proceeded to complete a 30 minute workout.

All of the workouts were challenging but not impossible. You were pushed to work hard, however not pushed beyond your limits. The workout finished with a group run across the grounds of the location we were at. We started with five burpees then a roughly half mile run and back to the starting point.


Completing the final run (photo courtesey of @suzallaire)

When this event was being advertised, they asked newcomers to bring a blank t-shirt with them. November Project is famous for spray painting clothing with their logo on it. Almost like a badge of honor. So while we were completing the workouts, those of us who brought a t-shirt were able to earn our badge.


Earning my NP T-Shirt!

What I learned from this workout is how positive the world can be. There are people out there who want to spread positivity throughout the world and it is up to us to go seek them out. I could have easily slept in that morning and missed this opportunity but I am happy I didn’t. It costs nothing to attend, you just show up. So what excuse could I make to not be there? I suggest that if you are reading this, you should find a November Project location near you and join this movement.

I also learned to break out of my shell. I am one who primarily is on a solo fitness mission. I do not run with others and rarely workout with others as well. However during this experience I was forced to branch and complete a goal as a team. The teamwork that November Project is creating will help you not just in your fitness life, but in your every day adventures as well.

I can’t help emphasize enough the positive impact November Project has on you.

How can you join? Simple… Just show up!

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