Product Review: Amphipod Handheld Water Bottle

Disclaimer: I received a Amphipod Handheld to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


One more disclaimer: I am not one for handhelds on my run. I ran a 5K once with the official race bag and gear (I was on my motorcycle and couldn’t lock the race bag in a car so had to take it with me) and I didn’t enjoy it. I really like being hands free when I am running. Why am I saying all of this? So you understand my point of view when reviewing this product.

I can honestly say that running with the Amphipod Handheld did not hinder my running at all. In fact, during the majority of my runs I barely knew it was even there. I am not super scientific, but based on the feel of this I can tell the designers built this to fit your hand comfortably. When I put my hand through the strap and wrapped my fingers around the bottle it felt as natural as can be. It made it very easy to run with.

It was also great to have with me because it is getting hot out and on the shorter distance runs (3, 4, 5 milers) it doesn’t make sense to bring a hydration vest. I won’t even get through half the water in the vest. However with the Amphipod Handheld it  held just enough water for these runs. And with an easily removable cap it will also be perfect for my longer distance races. I can twist off the cap and fill it back up at the water stations.


My hand slipped right onto the bottle comfortably


However the water and feel of it weren’t the only positives about this product. The front pocket was absolutely perfect for carrying the items I needed to. Have an iPhone 6 like I do? It fit perfectly! And mine is even bulkier because of the otter box it is encased in. And again it fit in the pocket with no issue. On other runs I was able to put my keys and wallet in as well with no issues. Which was a nice addition because I rarely carry my wallet with me on runs, for the obvious reason: no where to put it. However thanks to Amphipod this was not an issue.


My wallet slid right in


The pocket has plenty of space for storage


Overall I am very satisfied with this product and happy I have added it to my running. I am not someone who normally carries water carriers on my run. However thanks to Amphipod this will no longer be an issue for me. You should definitely check them out for yourself. I have the traditional handheld. But Amphipod also sells so many more hydration products, check them out here! As far as handheld hydration goes this is a must have.


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