I’m Headed to Atlanta for Craft Beer…….and Running!


My ambassadorship with BibRave is really allowing me to see the world around me. I’ve run multiple races for them in Philly. I’ve also hung out with a bunch of other Pro’s in Chicago. In about a month I will have completed my 2nd full marathon for them in Buffalo. And now I am headed south because of them.


BibRave Pro’s post Chicago Marathon!

I am officially signed up to run the Atlanta Craft Classic Half Marathon on September 10th as a BibRave Pro (ambassador)! In my first two years of running I have run a little over 20 races and I can probably say I haven’t been excited for a race like this in a while. And for so many different reasons.

  1. I have been a fan of the Atlanta Braves for as long as I can remember. And  in my 30 years of life I have never made it to a home game of theirs. So I immediately went to their site and saw there is a 7:00 home game the day of the run. Count me in! Plus it is Chipper Jones bobble head night. As a kid Chipper was my favorite player growing up. I’m gonna be first in line for that bobble head! My inner 15 year old thanks me for this.
  2. The race is centered around craft beer. If you follow me on social media you will know that craft beer is a passion of mine. If I could take a job centered around craft beer I would immediately!
  3. So far the only traveling I have done for races have been for full marathons. I am looking forward to traveling for a half. When I run a marathon I feel like the race controls my weekend. From recovery to preparation to the race itself, I feel handcuffed by the race. A half marathon is much different. The race, preparation and recovery will all be  cut in half. This will allow me more time to explore a city I have admired from a far.
  4. Back to Craft Beer. In 2015 I had a layover in Atlanta and spent an hour at the SweetWater Brewery airport pub and had a few of their beers. I was instantly hooked! Since then SweetWater has slowly began distributing in the Philly market and I have grown obsessed with their beer. Luckily for me they are based in Atlanta. So not only will I be enjoying craft beer at the race, I also plan on touring the SweetWater Brewery.

1Those are just the top 4 reasons why I cannot wait for this race. I could list so many more but I’ll just keep it at that. Plus on top of all those mentioned, my fiance has decided to run the 5K while we are there. This will be only the 3rd race her and I run at the same time, and first since getting engaged. So needless to say I couldn’t be anymore excited for this race if I tried!

And as always, the awesome BibRave organization is allowing others to run this race at a discounted price. Use the code “BibRave” when you checkout and you can get $10 off the Half Marathon and $5 off the 5K. You can sign up here.

Need more reason to sign up other than the discounted price? Here’s a list of perks that all runners can look forward to:

  • Race shirts
  • Pint glasses
  • Knockaround sunglasses
  • Finisher Medal (both distances!)
  • Free Beer!!!
  • Free Live Athlete Tracking
  • Free race photos!
  • Official race merchandise from Road Runner Sports and adidas
  • Half Marathon 1stplace male & female will win their weight in beer!


Hope you’ll join me for this exciting race!

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