I’m In The Broad Street Run!

The Broad Street Run is by far the best race Philly has to offer. In fact, if you only got one chance to run a Philly race, I would choose Broad Street as the one. I wrote a post about it on another blog, so feel free to read it.

Statistically the Broad Street Run is the largest 10 mile race in the country. That’s right, out of all the 10 Mile races in the USA, Philly’s Broad Street Run is the biggest! As a result, when you get to the start line it is crazy. (Truth be told a good amount of people dislike it for this reason). However I enjoy it a lot. I love the buzz of over 40,000 people lining up to run this race.

Beyond how popular this race is, the course is also very unique to Philadelphia. Because of the way Philly is built, most race courses happen away from the heart of the city. They are usually along what is known as the Schuylkill river, which is away from center city Philadelphia. However Broad Street Run races right through all parts of the city. It starts in North Philly, works its way into center city, and finally ends in south Philly. You literally see all of Philadelphia. The map below shows what I am talking about.You’ll see how Broad Street Runs right through Philly. (Oh and I’ve added the Fresh Prince’s hometown for reference sake)


Because of how popular this race is, you have to get in through a lottery system. Unfortunately you cannot just register on your own. Well this morning I got the great news about the lottery in the form of this email:


That’s right, this guy who started running just 2 and half years ago is headed to his 3rd Broad Street Run! I can’t wait to get running down Broad Street again and soak up the amazingness that is Philly’s best race!

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