Product Review: 2XU Thermal Tights

Disclaimer: I received a free pair of 2XU Thermal Tights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


I love 2XU. I don’t care how odd that sounds. As far as I am concerned 2XU can do no wrong. When it comes to compression my journey to finding the right pair has been similar to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. (Yeah, I went there). I have tried products that are way too tight. I have tried products that aren’t providing enough compression. And then I have found 2XU. They provide excellent compression, are tight to my skin, but feel like a comfortable second layer of skin and don’t make me feel like my blood flow has been cut off.

So when I heard there was a chance to test 2XU thermal tights I was jumping for joy! I already know how 2XU is for recovery. There is my epic story of how I was walking miles and miles of the streets of Chicago just a mere HOUR after my very first full Marathon thanks to my 2XU compression tights. (Compared to my first Half Marathon where I couldn’t walk for days after because I had no 2XU). So I knew what I was in for.

However this pair of tights would be different. They would be to help me get through the cold months of running. Time for a little truth: I hate the cold. Know what I hate more than the cold? Running in the cold. The feeling of your lungs collapsing, the icicles forming on my beard, the overall feeling of death coming over me. No thank you. But I live in Philadelphia. Unless I plan on flying south for the winter the cold is inevitable. So every year I go out there and begrudgingly do it.

However this year will be different. 2XU thermal tights have helped me in ways I thought no product ever could. The first time I strapped on my 2XU thermal tights and headed outside I instantly noticed a difference. While it was cold out, I wasn’t getting that feeling of wanting to run back inside right away. (Well at least not on my legs). The first time I went out in these I had a T-Shirt on. So there was a clear difference between my upper body and lower body. My lower body felt almost 5 times warmer than the rest of my body. I was finally not dreading going out in the cold!

And they aren’t just for running. I recently took them to an event where I had to be outside in the cold for an extended period of time early in the morning. (OK let’s call it what it is, I was tailgating). And I had these pair of 2XU tights as well as a 2XU thermal shirt on. And while all those around me were shivering and complaining about the cold, I was the one person in the group doing a lot less shivering and a lot less complaining. And at the same time the gear fit perfectly under my normal walking around clothes. No one could tell I was dressed from head to toe in running gear. With so many uses for this gear it makes them such a worthwhile investment.


Covered Head to Toe!

Don’t believe me? Let me show you the packaging so you can hear it from the experts themselves:


As far as I am concerned 2XU can do no wrong. I am not this excited about them because I was able to test out their products. I am excited about them because they do their job and they do it well! Anytime the topic of compression comes up, 2XU is my go to. Go and check out their site, they literally cover you from head to toe.


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