Race Review: North Wales Turkey Trot 8K


This year was the first time for the North Wales 5K/ 8K Turkey Trot and I signed up for the 8K option. The course was a course I was very familiar with because I used it to train for a marathon this year. However the course I ran was the trail that paralleled to the road. In this race we ran on the actual road itself. It’s a four lane road so there was plenty of room to run without feeling crowded. The course was an out and back with turnaround points for both the 5K and 8K. However the 8K had a timing mat at the turnaround whereas the 5K did not.

The race did give a bib pick up option prior to the race day however I picked mine up on race day morning. I prefer picking up my bib prior to the race however I was not aware this was an option. One recommendation I would give the race management group is to make this more clear. Re-reading the confirmation email I got after I registered I did not see anywhere that said they offer a pre race bib pick up.

The cost of the race was the same for the 5K and the 8K. I still haven’t developed a feeling about this. I thought it made more sense to sign up for the 8K because you will get more race for your money. However if I wasn’t ready for an 8K and just wanted to run the 5K I would want it to be a little cheaper. It cost me $50 to run this race which I felt wasn’t too bad for an 8K, however I would never pay that for a 5K. (Note: I signed up late, the cost of the run was as low as $30 if you signed up back in August).

Since I signed up so late I also did not get a t-shirt for this race. I found that interesting because while most races advertise that they may run out of t-shirts if you sign up late I have never actually experienced that. The races I have run before clearly had enough stock to satisfy all runners, even those who registered on the day of the event. I can’t be upset because this was clearly mentioned but it would have been nice of them to order enough for their expected amount of runners.

Overall I thought they did a good job organizing this race. They had a race party set up for after the race and there was enough room to move around freely while still hosting a large amount of runners. At the price I paid I would not recommend the 5K for this race (way too much money for a 5K) but I would happily recommend the 8K option.

Find this review on BibRave.com here. And review your own races!


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