Race Review: The Lemon Run 5K

1This past weekend was the Lemon Run 5K. This is a race hosted by Alex’s Lemonade Stand in Philadelphia to support the fight against childhood cancer. So while it is another race to help you with your fitness goals, it is also a great run to support an even better cause. The run is held at the same area as the “Please Touch Museum” in Philadelphia. It is away from center city (the very busy part of the city) and about 20 minutes north west. The area hosts an assortment of runs throughout the year from 5K’s to Half Marathons. So the course is very runner friendly and a popular course for the city. And since it is away from the busy part of the city it is a great area to hold a large run.

Not only is the lemon run course friendly it is also a very family friendly run. This was the first race I did with my family so unlike most races where I cross the finish line and leave, for this race I stayed until everyone in my party finished. My parents decided they did not want to run the race and instead would walk it. As a result I ended up staying at the finish line for about an hour and fifteen minutes. So I got to see a lot of different people cross the finish line. And what I noticed is this race attracted a lot of families who wanted to walk the course. Most races usually have a 1 or 2 mile walk option along with the 5K. However the Lemon Run embraced people who wanted to walk the whole 3.1 mile course. And those walkers did not appear intimidated by those who wanted to run the race. Overall it was a very inclusive race for everyone participating.


Running with my family. Well it was a “run” for my sister and I at least

Along with this the race management group did a great job with all their vendors and racers. Since you could sign up to run for charity they had a large amount of group runners. Runners running for a specific cause or person impacted by childhood cancer. Not only did they have these groups but they provided them with tents and pre-race tables for their groups to gather around before the race. Along with this they had vendors out there giving away free items. So it was like a race expo was taking place during a 5K.

What I was most impressed about with this race was that everyone who crossed the finish line was able to get a medal. I rarely see 5K races that will give these out. Not only did this race give you a medal, but it was better than some that I have gotten after a half marathon.


This is a 5K I would highly recommend. It was for a great cause, you get a cool post race medal and overall was a great time.


Cheering my mom on at the finish line

2 thoughts on “Race Review: The Lemon Run 5K

  1. I love the medal! It’s true you don’t see a lot of 5K’s with medals. We have a great 8K here in Vancouver that has some pretty decent medals, but I never expect them for anything shorter than a half. Beyond that is a bonus!

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