Officially Signed Up For Marathon #2


My first thought as I crossed the finish line of the Chicago Marathon: “why in the hell do people do this??” Up until this point most of the races I have competed in during my 2 year running journey have been fun. They have been hard, but I have enjoyed them. Running my first marathon I did not have that sense of enjoyment. It was hard, my body hurt and there were times I thought I should give up. It was just as much as physically challenging as it was mentally.

And now I have signed up for marathon #2. Because, as I have found out, runners are crazy and the challenges are a part of the enjoyment. I remember sitting at the charity dinner the night before the Chicago Marathon. One of the speakers was talking about how much he did not enjoy running. He talked about how hard it was and how he wasn’t that great at it. However despite all that, the next mornings marathon was going to be his 43rd! It was great to hear that story the night before my first marathon because I felt the same way. No matter how many races I compete in I have never fully embraced the idea of being a runner. Regardless of this I continue on.

So that is the plan for 2016. I will be racing the Buffalo Marathon. I will be running this race on behalf of the BibRave organization. As some may know I am a BibRave ambassador. A while back they asked us if we would have interest in running this race. Not knowing if I would be selected I threw my hat in the ring. And wouldn’t you know I was selected. I am thankful for this, because without them there is a strong chance I wouldn’t go after marathon #2. I would take my positive experience from Chicago and call my marathon career over.

Racing for BibRave earlier this year

Racing for BibRave earlier this year

For as nervous as I am to run this race I am also very excited. Running for me has always been about pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I had a very successful race in Chicago. At the same time it was the first race I ever finished that I thought would be my last. 26.2 miles was hard and I was not looking forward to doing it again. And truth be told, 3 weeks later after that race I still feel the same way. However I am running the Buffalo Marathon because I want to get out of that comfort zone. Sure 26.2 miles is hard, but that’s what this has always been about. So I am taking the plunge and this Average Joe Runner is going for marathon #2!

BibRave Pro

Want to run in Buffalo with me? Sign up here! It’s going to be a great way to explore an awesome city.

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