Why I Love 2XU Compression Pants (Product Review)


Disclaimer: I received a free pair of 2XU Compression Pants as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Usually I don’t let my feelings be known about a product in the title. However with 2XU I need people to know how awesome this product is. I’ll make a bold statement here that I would never take back; If I could buy every runner in the world a pair of these pants I would. I hope I don’t bury the lede as they say in the media business. Or in laymen terms, let my feelings be known that there is no reason to read any further. However you still should continue to read.

My experience with these 2XU Pants has been nothing but positive. Every time I have put them on I have felt like a new man. The analogy I would always use when I would put them on after a long run is; I felt like I was getting a new pair of legs.

There are two instances that I can think of right away….

First: immediately after my first ever 20 mile run. This year I trained for the Chicago Marathon. Before training I had never run further than a half marathon. My training mileage eventually got up to 22 miles. My 20 mile Sunday long run came and I got out there. Immediately after the run I felt awful. I got home, showered and laid on my couch. My legs felt like they had just been in a car wreck. I could barely walk around my house so I just laid on the couch. Unfortunately I couldn’t lay there forever. A few short hours later I had a softball game to get to. So I dragged myself off my couch and to my bedroom to get changed into my softball gear. I threw these compression pants on and (this is no lie) 30 minutes later I am playing center field running down fly balls at full speed. I went from damaged legs to full out sprint in no time because of these pants.

Situation #2: I just finished the Chicago Marathon! 26.2 miles (GPS read 27.3), the longest I had ever run in my life. I hobbled my way back home and had the familiar feelings of my legs being shot. I could barely walk. However I immediately had to get showered and changed because I was meeting a few other BibRave Pro’s at the local Goose Island bar. Once again threw these on and I was moving around Chicago by feet like I never ran at all. I told that story to friends who knew it was my first marathon and they refused to believe me. Not only did I roam around Chicago immediately after the marathon, I stayed an extra two days after the race and explored every inch of Chicago in these pants.


So excited when I saw this in the mail!

Those stories are 100% true. My 2XU pants are quite possibly the greatest piece of clothing I have for recovery. At the same time they offer great protection from the elements. Just this week alone I wore them on some 30 degree runs and felt completely comfortable from the elements. They also helped me get to my 2nd sub 30 5K of the year. If I had one choice I would say to wear them for recovery for long runs. However if you are on a shorter run, these are perfect as well.

Another great thing I noticed is these pants have an awesome fit to them. Sometimes I find compression gear can be too tight. I understand they compress, but too much compression can be a bad thing. 2XU has taken care of that for you. They have a sizing chart that will get you the size you need. They are tight, without feeling like they are cutting off your circulation. Because they feel so great, you can wear them around when not working out and you’ll barely notice them.

I hope I didn’t gush over these pants too much. However you need to know how amazing this product is. I challenge you to buying a pair and telling me you don’t enjoy them. I am confident that will not happen and you will be just as surprised as I am.

Don’t believe me, buy a pair for yourself! (And get 20% off with code “BIBRAVE20” while you’re at it)


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