Fitness Week Review: 9/8 – 9/13

This week was a bit of a short/ clustered week. Since the previous weekend was labor day, I technically started this week on Tuesday. (Having done my previous weeks long run on Monday). Along with this I took a work trip to Dallas, TX from Thursday to Saturday. So needless to say my running schedule was a little bit mixed up.

None the less I still got my activity in, just not as much as I would have liked. My week…..

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 60 Minute Spin Class

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 2 Mile Run

Sunday: 6.5 Mile Run + 2 Hours of Softball

A few more rest days than I would have liked, however they contributed to flying all day Thursday and an all day work event on Friday. None the less I took my weekly spin class that has been helping my cardio tremendously!

Unfortunately my long run was cut short by about 3.5 miles. I had a softball game on Sunday and started my long run late. So as a result I needed to cut it short to make my games on time. However I was able to get 2 hours of activity in with softball so I can’t say Sunday was a complete loss.

I also got to run in Dallas, TX this week. The goal was to meet up with a few other people in the #BibChat community, however schedules didn’t work out. None the less I still got a few miles in while I was away from home.

Other good news was that I finished my 4th marathon training book: Feet Don’t Fail Me Now. With 4 flights total for the week to and from Dallas I had a lot of time to catch up on my reading. Finishing this book definitely gets me mentally ready for the upcoming Chicago Marathon. Also, I am looking forward to writing up a review on what I thought of the book.


Now for a few more scenes from the week, both running and work trip related…..


Met another runner at the bar during my layover flight. They recommended a good running song for me.


Visiting UTD


The bar I spent multiple nights at for dinner. Texas knows their BBQ!


View from my 2 miler in Texas. Beautiful running weather!


Layover in Atlanta. Love seeing Braves signs (huge fan)


Been hearing about Sweet Water Brewing forever. The craft beer fan in me had to stop by. Love the Georgia Brown!


My flight home to Philly. And this was during final boarding.


Back home and running my Sunday long run. Not in Texas anymore with those clouds


Seen on my long run

Only 26 more days until the big day……

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