Fitness Week Review: 8/31 – 9/7


The Chicago Marathon is getting so close! This week was exciting for sure, because I ran 10K less than the full marathon distance! On labor day I ran 20 miles, which is the longest I have ever run in my life. I am getting tired just thinking about it.

But before I get into that, here was my activity for the week……

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4.1 Mile Run

Wednesday: 60 Minute Spin Class + 2 Mile Run

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 2.21 Mile Run

Saturday: 3.8 Mile Run

Sunday: 3 Mile Run

Monday: 20 Mile Run

I used this as a Monday to Monday week because of the Labor Day Holiday. Essentially treated Labor Day Monday as my Long Run Sunday.

The 20 miler was an interesting one. I have always heard about the “runners wall”, however never felt like I experienced it before. Well on this run I felt it for sure. I got to the point where I felt like I couldn’t continue any further. A lot of that had to do with the fact that I didn’t eat much before the run. So it got to the point where I literally had no energy left.


I continued to confirm how much it takes to prep for a long run during marathon training. The prep work just to get out for the training run is a workout itself! Had to make sure I had all my water, food, equipment, towels etc. Since I am running on my own there are no aid stations. And as a result I have to make sure my vest is filled with water as well as I have water in my car waiting for me. I also need to make sure I have a towel to come back to in order to clean myself off. And so on and so on.


What I enjoyed most about the run is how much I found about myself that I will need for the marathon. I noticed I have an issue with my calf’s cramping up within the first 2 miles of my run. After that they are fine, but the first 2 miles are brutal. Makes me think I do a 2 mile run the morning of the marathon to work that out. I also learned I need to have a substantial breakfast for the marathon. At around 15 miles my stomach started to run on empty. I have read about these things before but it is nice to experience it first hand.

All and all I can tell I am getting myself fully prepared for the Chicago Marathon. I definitely had a lot of concerns going into this but I am starting to build my confidence for a successful run. I still have a 22 miler ahead of me before Chicago, but I am coming down the home stretch for sure!

Now for some scenes from the week……


Running the Schuylkill River Trail



A family had a water stand set up on the trail. Great idea!


There was a memorial set up for a slain Police Officer on the trail


Another long run with a brewery close by! Someone’s trying to tell me something


My head got sunburnt over the weekend, thanks to Buff USA for keeping me protected!


First Penn State Game of the year! I had to have some fun this week, come on now

Only 31 days left until the big day……..

3 thoughts on “Fitness Week Review: 8/31 – 9/7

  1. Nice job! I remember my first solo 30km run – it was epic! I stopped for coffee when I was done, and the barista said, “Oh, out for a morning jog?” Yep. A jog.

    Love that the family set up water on the trail – that’s awesome!

  2. Awesome job on the 20…in any training cycle, the 20 seems like a rite of passage (or something) even if you have ran the distance before…I’ll be one of your 45,000 closest running buddies in Chicago! Good luck with the rest of your training – I just barely got my site launched and am enjoying checking all the various running blogs out there…Cheers!

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