Product Review: Zensah Compression Thigh Sleeve

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As has happened many times this year a few weeks ago I came home to a package at my door. These are always exciting days for me, who doesn’t love seeing a new product waiting for them when they get home? And inside was my Zensah Compression Thigh Sleeve.

I was very excited to try this because lately in my marathon training I have been dealing with upper leg pain. Whether it is quad or hamstring issues I have noticed more areas of pain than usual. I am a huge fan of the Zensah Calf Sleeves so I was equally excited to bring that relief to the areas of my most recent pain.

I was so excited that I took it out for my very next long run. Again, I knew the relief I felt from my calf sleeves, so I was looking forward to how it would impact my upper leg area. Unfortunately as for running with it on it did not hold up to my expectations.


About to take it out for a run

After about 3 miles into my long run I had to take it off. Not because it wasn’t providing me with the relief I needed, but because it wouldn’t stay on properly. I kept having to adjust it every few minutes because it would keep sliding down my leg. After 3 miles I got to the point where I could no longer focus on adjusting it and just slid it down my leg and over my knee. At that point it was no longer moving and just stayed there, but not doing what it was supposed to.

At first I thought this was just a me problem. Maybe I got the wrong size, maybe I had it on wrong. However after multiple social media posts I found that this is a common problem people have. Multiple people on one Facebook post were commenting on the issue and it felt like they were describing my problem word for word. So it is clear this is a common issue.

However that doesn’t mean I was completely disappointed with it.


Perfect for lounging around the house

For post run recovery it was great. I decided between that long run experience and the social media posts it was no longer to be used for running. However after a long I still decided to give it a shot. So once I got showered and cleaned up from my long runs, I pulled out the thigh sleeve and slipped it on. Walking around the house I still had the same issue with it not sitting on my thigh well, but it did not matter as much. Since I wasn’t running it didn’t bother me that it would slip down. Plus most the time I was just lounging on the couch, so what did it matter?

As for the impact it had on me? It has helped my pain very well! For the past month or so I have been dealing with a hamstring pull. I pulled it completely about 6 weeks ago and have been nursing it back to health since. The thigh sleeve has been very helpful with this. I am now to the point where I am pain free. So while I may not have used this as I intended to, it does not mean it hasn’t had a positive impact on me.

My Overall Recommendation:

It is hard for me to completely recommend this product. Personally I am happy with it and intend on using it a lot more in the future. However it does not work completely the way it is advertised. So it’s tough for me to say it is worth paying the money for this if I know you are going to have an issue with it. All I can say is if you are OK with not being able to run in this and just use it for post race recovery then I say go for it! If you aren’t cool with that then maybe you should avoid it. Really the decision is yours to make.

Regardless I am still a full Zensah supporter!


Like I said, I am a Zensah supporter!

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