Fitness Week Review: 8/17 – 8/23

What a week it was. I ran the longest run of my life! 16.1 miles, which is officially my first run over the half marathon mark. It was the final run of the week and capped off a very successful week of training. My Chicago Marathon training plan is really coming into focus now and I am so close I can almost see the starting line.

Now onto my week…

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5 Mile run

Wednesday: 60 Minute Spin Class

Thursday: 3 Mile Run

Friday: 2 Mile Run

Saturday: The Corner Store 5K

Sunday: 16.1 Mile Run!

This really was an exciting week. It began with a Tuesday run on the Chester Valley Trail. In my continuing quest to run as many trails as possible during marathon training I took a 5 mile trip on this trail. It is local to my office and was a really good path to run.


5 Mile Run on the Chester Valley Trail

I continued my weekly spin class that I can tell is having an impact on me. I feel that I am getting much stronger cardiovascularly because of these classes. Ever since I started spinning regularly I am not getting winded as fast as I normally would. I am just upset I didn’t start incorporating spinning into my marathon training sooner.

The weekend was a great success as well. For the second Friday in a row I had off from work. And for the second Friday I started the morning with a 2 mile run. I was happy to take advantage of being able to get a run in the morning instead of just sleeping in. On Saturday I ran the Country Store 5K. There was a lot of cool things about this race but by far the best was seeing my sister cross the finish line just a few months after tearing her ACL. It was really inspiring to see her muscle through a 5K race while she is recovering from this injury, so I was very happy to be there for that.


My sister finishing the 5K with a torn ACL

And lastly as I mentioned above I capped this week off with a 16.1 mile run, the furthest of my life! Mentally I just jumped a huge hurdle in marathon training. This was my first run beyond the half marathon distance. It’s crazy for me to think that the same guy who ran his first 5K in 2013, trained for months to run a half marathon is now running beyond that distance for training. I can’t help but be proud of where I am at and where I am headed.


Longest run yet!

But enough of all that, I still have a few weeks left of training. No time to stop now. Only 44 days until the big day…..

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