Fitness Week in Review: 7/27 – 8/2

This is week ????? in my Chicago Marathon training. Honestly I feel like I have been training so long that I’ve lost count of the week number. I think its somewhere around week 14. This week was definitely an eye opener for me in the sense that I need to really start getting my ass in gear. I was not nearly as active as I should have been and need to change that.

My activity for the week:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5 Mile Run

Friday: 2.2 Mile Run

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 2 Hours of Softball

Running wise I only had 7.2 miles of running. Outside of that my other activity was 2 hours of softball. Like I said above I need to kick my butt into running gear if I am going to finish the next 3 months strong. What was worse about this week was I missed my long run. I don’t beat myself up too much if I miss a run in the week, but I am really trying to stick to my long runs especially as they are getting over the double digit mark. This week I have a 14 mile long run that I refuse to miss!

I am realizing that I need to plan accordingly for long runs. I went out Saturday night and as a result I was pretty lazy on Sunday up until I had softball at 2:00 in the afternoon. Training for a marathon has been a lot different than anything else I have trained for in the sense that I have to plan my weekends around training. So this week I am focusing more on this.

The week wasn’t all doom and gloom. The beginning of the week started with a running product overload. I received 3 packages in the mail on Monday; my ProCompression Grab Bag, a pair of SLS3 Compression socks and finally my OAR Chicago Marathon Package! Needless to say I was in running gear overload. And I was very happy to get the OAR package because it means the Chicago Marathon is so close.


While I didn’t do as much running as I would have liked this week, not to be lost is the fact that I went over 60 miles of running for the month. The last time I ran 60+ miles in one month was June 2014. So I can be happy that I had a very productive month even if this week wasn’t that great.


This past week had its ups and downs it is now time to look forward. I have 24 miles scheduled to run this upcoming week and it is time to get those done!

Only 67 days until the big day!


As always thank you Zensah for providing recovery during the week!


Softball for the week

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