Liebster Award + Get To Know Me

Liebster-AwardRecently Brie Hemingway – who blogs over at Brie “Like The Cheese” – wrote a post about a Liebster Award she received. As I am a very inquisitive person by nature I was interested by this and wanted to hear more as it intrigued me. As I read her post I was educated more about the award. Having never heard about it myself I decided to research it. Here is what I understand about the award:

  • This is an award given to bloggers by bloggers
  • Liebster is German for “beloved”
  • It is typically given to newbie bloggers with a list of questions to get to know one another
  • It is thought of as a virtual chain letter, once you are given it, you are then asked to nominate others
  • The rules have different interpretations but the format is the same: answer questions about yourself, nominate others for the award and let those others know they have been nominated.

As I continued to read Brie’s post I got to the end where she nominated others. Among her nominations I saw “Running For The Average Joe” blog was nominated. Either someone stole my blogs name (or vice versa) or that was me. And wouldn’t you know, it was! I felt honored mainly because I don’t really write this blog for promotion. It is more just an area I come to collect my thoughts and share my experiences. I am never here trying to improve my SEO rating or social media follows. So for someone to recommend to their readers that they see my blog was very cool and a real honor. Plus Brie’s blog is a blog worth following and you can tell she knows what she is doing, so it was nice to be given a shout out by her. Find out the other people she nominated.

Now on to the questions about me….

How did you decide on the name of your blog?

The name of my blog is probably what I am most proud about when it comes to blogging. I have written about my running story many times but I will sum it up quickly. I was never a runner or all star athlete growing up. And when I first started running in 2013 I had doubters who thought I couldn’t do anything more than a 5K. So the name of my blog is for all those “Average Joe” runners out there who weren’t made for running but did it anyway.

Where does your blogging inspiration come from?

Every day life. My inspiration comes in a combination of things; the fact that I am not trying to build a brand and I want to help others who may doubt themselves. I write about what comes to mind and primarily my struggles and triumphs. I want other people who are struggling out there to know that they are not alone and they can be successful in running if they put in the work, that simple.

What is it that you love most about blogging?

UntitledMy successes and failures. I am not going to shout to the rooftops when I succeed. But at the same time I want to show people hard work pays off. The first 3 races of 2015 were PR’s from me and that was a result of working hard in 2013 and 2014. Also I want to share to the world my failures. My first Half Marathon in 2015 was awful. And as I train for the Chicago Marathon I spent a few weeks in a running funk. I want people to know it wont always be happy days and rainbows, that there will be struggles. But struggles are what make the journey worth it.

What is your favorite food?

This is so hard to say. I really never am in the “mood” for anything specific. However my go to will always be Burritos or Pizza.

What is your favorite thing to drink? (alcoholic or not)

Blue (Mixed Berry) Poweraide Zero is my go to. Not just during physical activity, but I can literally drink that anytime I get my hands on it.

What is an item you can’t live without?

I would have a hard time separating myself from my motorcycle. Or really just never having a motorcycle at any point in my life. I have driven to places like Kentucky, Cleveland, Ocean City MD, Albany NY and many other areas from Philadelphia on the back of a motorcycle.

What are eleven random facts about yourself?

  1. I used to have a red patch of hair (good luck finding it now, the man above took hair away from me about 10 years ago)
  2. I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan living in Philadelphia
  3. I will put ranch dressing on steak and not think twice about it
  4. I have a fear of snakes that is borderline unhealthy
  5. I have a fear of heights so bad that I get a bit of anxiety anytime I have to be in a major city, like NYC, with tall skyscrapers (I irrationally think they will come falling down, or envision myself falling from their roofs)
  6. I am the most easy going person you will meet. A lot of people say this but I have had this point made about me by almost everyone I spend significant time with
  7. I have a pair of blue eyes that people would pay money to have their kids be born with
  8. I started the Running Philly blog because I was annoyed there wasn’t one central location for races listed in the Philly area. I always used to have to check 5 different websites to find races around me
  9. I am obsessed with Boston accents. I could listen to someone from Boston speak for hours.
  10. I don’t understand trail running. I enjoy a good hike. But I like my ankles way too much to run through rocks, tree roots and other uneven surfaces.
  11. I run 3 blogs in total: Running For The Average JoeRunning Philly and I have a page over at the Undercover Recruiter

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Boston. I absolutely love that city. I hate Philly winter so it doesn’t make sense I would move north. But I can’t get enough of Boston (and the accents as noted above).

If you could meet anyone from history (alive or dead) who?

Abraham Lincoln. I was a history major my first year of college (had to switch when I looked at the career prospects) and the civil war era was my specialty.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Football. I am not built for running, but I do it anyway. However if we get on the football field? I am probably the only person you need on your team. And that’s tackle football, my size needs to play to my advantage.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Living somewhere across the country that is not Philadelphia. My girlfriend is planning on being relocated for work and her and I have been together long enough that I know I would make the move with her. Also I would like to be preparing for a 70.3 triathlon

So there you have it. That’s me in a nutshell. Thank you again Brie for nominating me. It was a lot of fun opening up a little more about myself because I wouldn’t have without the nomination. So having said that below are my nominations:

  • Thirty-Three And Counting– She’s prepping for the NYC marathon!
  • Running Average– Another Average Runner
  • Running2Oki– The one year journey of two best friends running a marathon in Japan
  • Ordinary Marathoner– I support anyone who can relate to ordinary or average
  • Big Man Running- As a big man myself, we are kindred spirits
  • Also Ran Again– She ran the same 5 mile race I did in Philly earlier this year, and both of us are running the Chicago Marathon, one of us is stalking the other, just can’t tell who yet

2 thoughts on “Liebster Award + Get To Know Me

  1. I’ve learned so much about you! I was honoured to be nominated by Brie as well! Also, I’m a recruiter too! It’s funny how running lives are often so removed from ‘daily lives’ so you don’t know what people do in work or street clothes! And good on you for 3 PRs already this year!!

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