My Running Slump Buster

So for the past few weeks I have been in a running slump. In the last 3 weeks I ran 18 miles total. According to my plan, it should have been 51 miles. So needless to say I was off the beaten path. A lot of this was due to increased responsibilities at my workplace. I am currently doing the job of 3 people and it has caused some long days and nights. At the end of each workday I just don’t have the energy to get out there.

It’s no excuse, and the fact that I am writing this means I freely admit it is something I need to break out of. I have always said that the best way to get out of a running slump is just to go running. And really that goes for any part of life. If you are struggling at something, the best thing to do is continue at it and get better.

So yesterdays 8 mile long run helped me break that slump. It was a tough run for sure. Overall I averaged over 12 minute miles. Probably my slowest run to date. Along with not running much lately, it didn’t help that I went out the night before. So needless to say on Sunday I was very dehydrated for that run. If you even want to call it a run. I was dying for water by mile 2. And unfortunately I couldn’t get any until I got back to my motorcycle at the end of the run where my water bottle was waiting for me. Either way I sucked it up and got it done.

Truth be told I enjoy runs like these. I feel sometimes when I run a lot I get into cruise control and I take some things for granted. And with half marathon number 4 coming up this weekend it was good to get my ass kicked by a run. Sometimes when your running is going well it becomes second nature. You go out and get the run done without worrying. However after this 8 mile struggle from yesterday I am watching everything this week like a hawk. From the food I eat, to the water I drink, to the pre-day race meal and my running as well; everything this week will be scrutinized.

For me struggling with something only makes me better. It reminds me that I need to respect the process and make sure I am not taking anything for granted. Half Marathon #4 here I come!

Scenes from my Sunday 8 miler:

1 2

3 4

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