Weekly Fitness Recap

So this week was week 2 of my Chicago Marathon training plan. As I have blogged before I got into the marathon through charity so I skipped the lottery. However this week the lottery was officially announced so I was very happy to see so many people find out they will be running their first or next 26.2 miles this October!

Outside of my workouts from this week I also began tracking my nutrition. I am using the MyFitnessPal App to track everything I eat. I wrote this last week, but I would like to lose about 20-30 pounds before I run the marathon. I am confident I can run at my current weight, but I have always wanted to lose at least 15 pounds so I figured my first marathon was the best time to make this a reality.

That being said here was my week:

Saturday: 30 Minute Weight Lifting

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5 Mile Run

Wednesday: 30 Minute Elliptical

Thursday: 5 Mile Run

Friday: 30 Minute Weight Lifting

Overall it was an OK week. Unfortunately I went out Saturday night a little more than I probably would have liked and as a result missed long run Sunday. Luckily I am still early in my training plan and long run Sunday was only 3 miles. I have been running enough this year that missing it wasn’t earth shattering. Regardless, I still missed a run and that is more important to me than just being 3 miles. I would rather miss it early on in my plan so it teaches me to moderate my weekends so I can get my long runs in. It’s one thing to miss a 3 mile long run, it will be another if I miss a 20 mile long run.


My first time with a back to back 50 mile running month!

My nutrition looked like from Monday through Thursday:

Calories Allowed: 7,920

Calories Taken In: 4,076

Difference: -3,844

Starting Weight: 261

So over 4 days I was under goal by 3,844. I am no health expert, but I probably shouldn’t be that low over that time. I attribute it to Thursday where I was close to 1,500 calories under goal. I didn’t eat big portions that day and had a 5 mile run. So moving forward I need to research eating a little more.


Did some healthy snacking this week thanks to Quest Nutrition!


Dinner Thursday night. I need to add sweet potatoes to my diet more. Delicious!

Overall a good week. A few areas I can improve on, but I am happy and looking forward to week 3.

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