What It’s Been Like Reliving My Running Journey

Recently I wrote an article for Philly.com on the subject of “Why I Run”. You can read the article here. I enjoyed writing it because it allowed me to take a good look back at my running journey so far. In the grand scheme of things it hasn’t been a long journey, only about a year and a half total. But as I wrote about it and started reliving some of those experiences it felt like I have come a long way.

What really got to me the most was the messages I received from family, friends and even strangers who read it. For the most part my friends and family don’t know the intimate details of my running journey. The ones who I keep very close to me do, however that is not many people. In this article I opened up about a lot. Writing about insecurities, struggles and even some personal issues I was experiencing at the beginning of my running journey. So I really opened myself up to the world.

To be so open to the viewers of this article was a great experience. Mainly because it showed me just how far I have come. Outside of this blog I don’t discuss my running journey in full detail much. I post about races I run on social media but I rarely ever get into detail about my story with people. When I began my running it was a very lonely world. I don’t need to bore you with the details but it was extremely a “me versus the world” situation. To fast forward a year and a half later and receive the support I am in response to this article is amazing. People are telling me how much I inspire them, asking me for running advice and just genuinely are interested in my story. When I first started running I would have begged for even one person like that in my life, and now I am surrounded by it.

This article will come and go and the fan fair will die down. And that’s OK. I still have a lot of insecurities and feel like these people can look elsewhere for better motivation than I can provide. But at least in this moment I can say that this article has opened up my eyes to show me how far I have come and how much positivity surrounds me. And it’s a feeling that is impossible to describe.

Prior to this article the most daily views my blog  got was 38. Day one of the article I received over 300

2 thoughts on “What It’s Been Like Reliving My Running Journey

  1. Lots of people think the internet and social media is full of trolls … but in my experience (and yours too it seems) it is such a positive community! I wish more people were aware of how well it can connect you with other amazing and supportive individuals!

    Congrats on all your running and blogging accomplishments!

    • Agreed! That’s what I like about BibChat and RunChat nights. Helps connect like minded people. And the running community is beyond supportive because I think everyone knows how difficult it can be.

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