4 – 15 – 2013


In September of 2013 I ran my very first Half Marathon. Specifically it was the Philadelphia Rock ‘N’ Roll Series Half Marathon. As a part of the swag being given away was the bracelet you see in the picture above. On one side it reads “Boston 04.15.13” and on the other it reads “RUN NOW”

It was given in honor of the Boston Marathon bombings that happened earlier that same year.

Since being given this bracelet in September 2013 it has rarely come off my wrist. If you take a look at any picture of me since that time there is a 90% chance you’ll see a little blue line across my right wrist.

I wear it to remind me that running has given me so much, but has taken just as much away from so many people. It’s a daily reminder that no matter what I am experiencing in life that tomorrow’s are never promised. It is also a constant reminder to keep running. The “RUN NOW” message helps remind me that there are a lot of people that cannot continue to run or struggle to run because of the events in Boston in 2013. It doesn’t matter how tired I am or what I may be going through, I just need to “RUN NOW”.

For many who have received this bracelet in 2013 it may just be an afterthought. A part of a swag bag that got tossed aside. For me it is a daily reminder of what our country went through on 4/15/2013 and how we need to continue every day to be stronger than those events.

It reminds me to be #BostonStrong.


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