My Running Bucket List

As I look at my long term running future I think about what would be my on ultimate running bucket list. Not necessarily runs I want to complete in the next year or so, just running events and activities I would like to check off before I leave this world.


So in doing so, I present my running bucket list:

Run during the Boston Marathon Weekend. This does not mean run the Boston Marathon. I am all for achieving your goals and working hard. But I have no fire burning inside me of qualifying for Boston in my lifetime. Speed and time have just never been that important to me as a runner. Sure I always shoot for faster race times than my previous PR’s, but at the same time qualifying for Boston just does not motivate me like it does other runners. Maybe that will change one day, but as write this for now this is how I feel. That being said I do acknowledge how much Boston means to the world of running. It is the premier marathon in the USA and after the events of 2013 there has been a stronger draw to this race from the world than ever before. As someone who is passionate about running I would love an opportunity to experience this first hand. As a result I would love to run the 5K that is held that weekend and then spectate the Boston Marathon to take in the day. Personally I have always had a love for Boston as a city, so any trip up there is worth it. To be able to run the streets and then cheer on one of the premier races in the country would make for an awesome weekend.


Run the Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. I love country music. It is as simple as that. I have traveled as far as from Philly to Kentucky on my motorcycle just to see Kenny Chesney live. (Along with seeing him in Philly over 5 times so far). The mecca of Country music for the United States is Nashville. I have always wanted to visit the city and just take everything in. Along with this, I have also run a Rock ‘n’ Roll race before; their Philly race was my first ever half marathon. I remember the course being one giant music party. Local bands and DJ’s flooded the course. It made for a great atmosphere. What better way to take in a race with such a strong musical influence than with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half Marathon?


Run The Ironman World Championship in Kona. A large part of my running is testing my physical limitations. Every year it is something else. The first year of running was a Half Marathon, 2nd year was a Sprint Triathlon and 3rd year is a Full Marathon. I’m not sure what the 4th year will bring me and so and so on. However I do know that in the long run I would love a shot at competing in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. This is a physically daunting task, and I suspect it would take a few shots to qualify for an event like this. So as a result I probably wouldn’t look at this goal as a realistic opportunity for a minimum of 5+ years. But my first taste of a triathlon had me hooked back in 2014. It is such a fun sport that tests you beyond your physical imagination. What better way to celebrate that support than to race at the top event?


I’m looking forward to what my running journey has in store for me. Through running and social media I have been able to connect with other runners all across the country and learn about running communities beyond just Philadelphia. Moving forward I would like to get out there and now see those communities for myself first hand.

2 thoughts on “My Running Bucket List

  1. Great bucket list! Speed and time are not the most important thing to me either … but a small part of me hangs on the the hope that maybe if I keep up my running I’ll be able to qualify for Boston as I get older and the qualifying times get a bit longer haha! We’ll see … 😀

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