First Sub 30 5K of the Year

Last week I wrote a post titled “Running Confused”. The premise was that I was training hard but for some reason struggling. I tried pushing myself but just couldn’t do it. I was running 12 minute miles regularly. The whole point of the post was I was confused why my body was struggling. At the end of the post I wrote the following:

“A month from now I could be blogging about a sub 30 5K, I could be blogging about a doctor telling me there’s something going on with my respiratory system. We shall see.”

As of today I got my official results back from a run that took place literally the following day after that post. This was a 5 mile run held by the Back on My Feet organization. And here it is, just 24 hours later and I ran a sub 30 5K and a 9:36 pace per mile.


The running world is a funny one. I have never really focused too much on my speed. Since picking up running in 2013 I have always just focused on pushing distance. Every year my main goal is about seeing how far I can push myself. So to see myself struggle with 12 minute mile training runs to a sub 30 5K 24 hours later makes me happy. I know I am not setting any land speed records. But a 3 minute per mile decrease after struggling is great news to me.

I’m still very new to this whole running world. And I realize practice makes perfect, so I shouldn’t be too shocked. But either way I am just happy to continue to push forward. As I said I don’t get too hung up on time for the most part. I always have a time I want to shoot for in most races, but speed training does not consume me. Nor is it really something I practice much of. So overall I am happy to see the improvement. I have a long year ahead of me. And there are going to be a lot of struggles. So I might as well celebrate the little wins when I get them.

“Some days you can do everything, some you feel you can’t do anything, but a day is never lost as long as you do something.”

Onto the next race…….


2 thoughts on “First Sub 30 5K of the Year

  1. Good work achieving a sub-30 5k. The days when my run results are poor are the worst; I always question what I’m doing wrong. Bouncing back is so key to remind yourself it’s in you to do well.

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